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Mavis and Angie's Dogs
  Meet Trixie and Dakota, and read memories of dogs at the Rainbow Bridge.
  A memorial to Sheba, a quadriplegic dog. Includes pictures.
Welcome to Skyler and Quest's Sheltie World
  A photographic album of my two beloved Shelties plus breed specific links on the Breeder's Page and the must read Pet Pledge.
Yellow Lab Pictures
  Displays Cody and Lexi\'s Yellow Lab pictures and links to other pet/informational websites
  This is a place for dog lovers where they can tell the world about their dogs, upload pictures, read stories written by dog owners all over the world. helps you to choose a name for your puppy, as our dog names database includes thousands of names from many countries of the world. At professional dog breeders advise how to train dogs and keep them. Join and let the world know about your dogs!
  Amy's Animals
  deaf dogs, border collie, fox terrier
  Bow-Wow for Dog Lovers
  Information about dogs and responsible dog ownership, shelters & rescue groups, jokes & stories, links to dog-related sites, message boards,mailing lists, webrings, directory of dog-related web sites, and more.
  Buddy's Worl
  Hi, I'm Buddy the SUPER DOG. I live in Rose Hill, MS, but have been known to travel the world. Come on over to my world, you will never be the same
  Caesar's Pad
  Meet Caesar, a shelter dog who was one of the lucky ones, he was adopted. Also meet his family and another lucky adoptee, his Sato brother Scout.
  Chester, the Dog
  Photos of Chester, the longest-legged, lab-mix dog in the whole world.® Copyright network 2003-present. All rights reserved.