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Breeding and Whelping Health Products
Conditions and Disease Nutrition
Elective Surgery    

Paw Paw Industries
  Emergency first aid kits for dogs and cats. Includes health facts.
Dog Health Question and Dog Store Supply
  Answers to your dog health question pertaining to diseases, parasites, allergies, puppy training, dog exercises, arthritis, etc.along with a dog store supply, combined to save you time and money.
SUGAR Vizsla Kennel
  If you are a responsible owner who is ready to handle the affectionate and energetic character of the Hungarian Vizsla please, contact. My breeding philosophy is \'healthy dogs representing the true
character of the breed.
Dog Health
  Tips and articles devoted to keeping your dog healthy and happy.
  Talk-A-Dog is a useful dog resource website offering valuable information on dog health and other aspects of your Pet dog.
Dr. Rose's Remedies
  We have a great dog dry skin remedy -- from Dr. Rose's Remedies.
  Help My Hound
  Online Diagnosis for Dog Symptoms also Dog Diseases from A to Z
  Council of Docked Breeds
  The Council of Docked Breeds (CDB) campaigns to protect the freedom to choose the tail docking option.
  Dog Vet
  5GL-Doctor is a self-diagnosis software, has 4000 predefined symptoms and around 1500 disorder/disease definitions. Matches symptoms selected from lists with possible medical conditions.
  Emergency Dog Links
  You've been touched by an angel. A priceless resource in the event of a dog emergency.
  Francis's DogHouse Health Center
  Animal Health Care and Nutrition Links
  Pet Planet
  dogs uk cats pets - petplanet pet store offering products advice and information on dogs cats and other pets
  Say No to Tail Docking
  Tail docking of dogs is unacceptable and unnecessary.
  Sunshine Hills Veterinary Clinic
  Veterinary clinic specializing in boxers & dog breeding issues
  UK quarantine kennels & cattery
  we make quarantine as pleasant as possible for the pets under our care, and for their owners, too. Each dog and cat is looked after by a very caring and experienced person throughout the quarantine period so developing a relationship of trust and understanding
  Veterinary Information for Dog Owners
  pertaining to dogs is compiled on this site. A resource for the dog owner seeking useful information.
  What Do Dogs See?
  Home page of the North American Hunter Retriever Association
  Working Dogs and Canine Athletes
  This site is dedicated to Dog Conditioning, Competition, Performance, Anatomy, Nutrition, Psychology, Lameness, Injuries, Rehabilitation® Copyright network 2003-present. All rights reserved.