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Off the Mark Cat Cartoons
  Collection of cartoons dealing the joy and challenge of belonging to a cat.
The Daily Mews
  Life in a multi-cat household. Humorous stories, expert advice, history, and subscription to e-mail update.
Bad Kitty
  Part of the bad pets sites, this section deals with cat humor, including the Cat Movie List, Rules for "Roller Poopies," The Mysterious Sumkitty, as well as quizzes, pictures, and other insights into the feline world.
  Entertainment and information about cats throwing-up.
  Amazing Prehistoric Cats
  These Amazing Prehistoric cats are modern day dinosaurs - and just like the Amazing Prehistoric Dogs and Mice - they are still alive today
  Billy the Cat
  Homepage for Billy the Cat and his pop group the Mewlers, a Flash game, pictures of Billy the cat, and his interactive pop-group the Mewlers featuring Humbug and Cathy.
  Cat Stuff Library
  thousands of domestic cat graphics for web sites, a library of information about cats, a message board, games, the Cat Ring, more.
  Cat Users Manual
  The World Famous CAT User Manual. Very funny parody of cat manuals.
  Coby's World
  A great place to visit for Animated Gifs, Jokes, Cat Quotes, JavaScript, Cat Humor, Backgrounds, Mid Music and more. A great place for cat lovers to visit.
  Crazy Cat Ladies Society and Gentlemen's Auxiliary
  The Crazy Cat Ladies Society uses humor to counter the stereotypes people make about folks who love cats. By claiming the phrase 'crazy cat lady' on our own terms, we take away its power to offend, and have a lot of fun while doing so
  Flippy's Cat Page
  is from Melbourne, Australia! This website is dedicated to all the kitties in the world and their friends.
  Freddie Street Cats
  The Freddie Street Cats is written by cats for cats. Here you'll find articles like Projectile Vomiting For Beginners, as well as Splatt DeeKatt, Purraholics Anonymouse and of course your letters, advice and free catnip
  Mean Kitty
  A place for the not-so-sweet kitties on the internet
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