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British shorthair Cat Club
  The Offical British shorthair cat club all you need to know about the British Shorthair
Catz Incorporated
  A New Zealand national Registry for pedigree cats and pet cats. Information on cat shows, genetics, cat breeds with cat photos. r
  ACT Cat Alliance
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canberra cat breeder
  European Cat Fancy
  Breeders List - Genetics - Health Care
  Fog City Cat Club
  A TICA Cat Club in San Francisco
  Gold Coast Cat Club
  Inc. was founded in 199
  Happy Household Pet Cat Club
  is an international organization for feline lovers whose primary focus is the HHP exhibitor,but it is not necessary to show your cat or even to own a cat to belong.
  Lakes County Cat Fanciers
  Inc., a CFA cat club located in Springfield, MO, presents information about its March 30-31 Cat Show.
  Salt City Cat Club
  A special collection of funny cat pictures, cat quotations and other cat humor, plus information about our cat club and our Syracuse CFA cat show® Copyright network 2003-present. All rights reserved.