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Abyssinian Ocicat
American Bobtail Oriental
American Curl Persian
Balinese Ragamuffin
Bengal Ragdoll
British Shorthair Russian Blue
Birman Savannah
Burmese Scottish Fold
Chartreux Siamese
Devon Rex Siberian
Egyptian Mau Singapura
Exotic Snowshoe
Havana Brown Somali
Himalayan Sphynx
Japanese Bobtail Tonkinese
Korat Turkish Angora
Manx Turkish Van
Maine Coon Wirehair
Norwegian Forest    

  First and only Korat cattery in Italy. Proud home of a FIFe
double World Winner Korat.
Badsworth Cats
  British shorthairs Cornish Rex, chocolate Lilac cinnamon and Fawn specialist. updated site full of fun with lots to see
Michiana Persian Himalayan & Siamese Rescue
  Small and private rescue in South Bend Indiana specializing in Persian and Siamese. Accept other breeds though when room allows.
  Small cattery in belgium,we breed the naked sphynx for schow ore pet,dif colors,feel free to contact for info about a kitten from Amun-Ra
Phireside Bengals
  We are a TICA REG Cattery located in NE Ohio. Silver, Brown & Snow kittens usually available year round.
Mystic Tails Manx
  A small CFA, CCA registered hobby cattery located in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario. We breed for show quality sound, traditional manx with sweet personalities. See our website for more information.
Katz Meow Cattery
  Michigan breeder of Purebred old-fashioned Siamese kittens, registered with ACA & TCA, motivated by the love of this breed.
  Cats Online
  Containing information about anything you need to know about your furry felines. Like breeds of cats, personality, history, myths, poems and stories about cats.
  Pedigree Cats UK
  Pedigree Cats UK is a sited dedicated to all pedigree cats currently being bred in the UK. There are photographs, breed descriptions and links to breeders and other sites of interest.® Copyright network 2003-present. All rights reserved.