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  International Aviculturists Society
  is a Group of Aviculturists from around the world striving to Protect, Preserve,& Enhance the keeping & breeding of all Exotic birds through Educational Programs, Cooperative Breeding Programs, and the Funding of Avian Research and Avian Conservation Programs.
  The International Parrotlet Society
  Non Profit Society dealing with the smallest parrots in the world
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  Rare Species Conservatory Foundation
  The Rare Species Conservatory Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving biological diversity. RSCF is dedicated to saving endangered plants, animals and habitat, and restoring critical species in the wild.
  World Parrot Trust
  Home page of the World Parrot Trust. Since 1989 the WPT has raised over 2 $million for the welfare of parrot species both in the wild and in our homes.® Copyright network 2003-present. All rights reserved.