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  Website for Hamster Lovers. Offer guide, information and resources related to hamsters.
Pet Homes Direct
  We offer a top line of Rabbit Cages, Hamster Cages, Ferret Cages, Chinchilla Cages, Guinea Pig Cages and many different types of Accessories to choose from including water bottles, bedding, nesting,
feeders, and toys.
MyHammie : Hamster Care Guide
  Caring guide for hamster lovers. Offers information, tips and resources related to hamster care.
Rat Answers
  Rat Answers is a general rat informational site covering everything ratty. Cages, bedding, training, toys, cleaning, health issues, etc.
  Chinchilla Information : Chinchilla Facts and Care
  Chinchilla information. Find valuable information on how to care your chinchilla pet.
  Cavy Rescue
  cavyrescue is the website of the Kent-based rodent rescue shelter. Informative guides, useful links, plus regular e-newsletters make it an invaluable resource for all small animal lovers
  NetVet - Rodents
  NetVet Veterinary Resources Rodent Sites
  Supersite with care information, message boards, club information, directory of breeders and vets, and online shopping for all common and exotic rodents including fancy rats, mice, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs or cavies, chinchillas, deermice, dormice, gambian pouch rats, degus, wild rodents and more!® Copyright network 2003-present. All rights reserved.