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Cryptocoryne home page
  A hobbyist site devoted to one person's experiences with cryptocoryne and other genera.
A Aquatic-Store
  Sells plants, equipment, and containts various articles. Updated monthly.
  Paul's Aquatic Plants
  Dedicated to Aquatic Plants for the aquarium. Excellent Plant Profile section. Converters,Propagation,Glossary,Botany,Pruning,Conditions,Links,Heaps of quality original photos and lots more.
  Aqua Botanic
  Aquarium plant informational resource and sales, aquarium plants and CO2 systems
  Interactive Water Garden
  Aquatic plants in aquariums. Dozens of photos and visitor reviews on the listed species
  Jeff Ludwig's Planted Aquaria
  The Aquaria at Rockytop, created by Jeff and Mary Ludwig, is devoted to the culture and propagation of freshwater aquarium plants and fish, as well as marine aquaculture.
  My Nature Aquarium
  My Nature Aquarium is here to provide help and advice to all planted aquarium aquarist to fulfill their dreams. We offer home grown Riccia, Christmas Moss and tools required for creating Riccia and Xmas Moss aquascapes. No aquascape is complete without a lawn of bubbling Riccia and Xmas Moss on driftwood.
  Natural Aquariums
  Information on non-filtered planted tanks, aquatic plants, fish, and freshwater invertebrates.
  Nature Aquarium
  Nature Aquarium Official website emcompasses everything about the Art and Science of Aquatic gardening, with detailed description for successful cultivation of aquatic plants, their identifications, ecology and aquascaping techniques.
  The Planted Tank
  Provides information on sucessfully keeping a planted tank through my experiences. Contains information on lighting, co2, specific plants and more.
  True Aquarium Plants
  Site for aquarium plants
  The Pond Source / The Koi Source
  The Pond Source/The Koi Source. The SOURCE for all your koi & pond needs! Quality imported koi, domestic koi, and butterfly koi available all year.® Copyright network 2003-present. All rights reserved.