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  Designed for beginners, provides aquarium fish information, how-to guides, fish profiles, FAQs, forums and more!
The Goldfish Doctor
  A top quality, step-by-step guide to the diagnosis, treatment, and cure of sick goldfish.
  Randy's Aquaria
  promoting serious aquarium keeping : photo gallery, articles, fishrooms,
aquarium related events, journaling ... by Randy Carey: photographer, writer, speaker, aquarist
  Age of Aquariums
  Original photos and info about aquariums, tropical fish, aquatic plants and more. Many resources for the on-line aquarist: tips, tales, clip art, postcards, discussion board, the works!
  The Aquarian's Net
  Aquarium Hobbyist
  The Information Portal for the Aquarium Enthusiast
  Aquarium Tropicana
  welcome to aquarium tropicana, the site contains information on setting up an aquarium / fish tank, maintaining your aquarium, plants, different diseases, different accesories filters heaters and lighting amongst others, different fish - angel fish to clown laoch, juwel aquariums and maintenence and cleaning
  Aquatic Fanatic
  Setting up a tropical freshwater aquarium, routine maintenance, health & diseases, water chemistry and plants
  A website about aquaria, contains fish descriptions, books, diseases, plants and much more.
  Beginner Aquarist
  Beginner Aquarist - Helping you start and maintain a tropical fish aquarium, betta bowl, or other fish environment. Information on tropical fish tank setup and maintanance, including betta fish care.
  Freshwater aquatic plant photography, layout and design.
  Xoles' Fishies
  Freshwater aquarium information.® Copyright network 2003-present. All rights reserved.