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Ferret care
  Article by a veterinarian discuss proper ferret care and nutrition.
Michigan Ferret Rescue
  Ferret rescue dedicated to the education, rescue and placement of the domestic ferret.
Michigan Ferret Rescue
  Ferret rescue dedicated to the education, rescue and placement of the domestic ferret.
Heart of Ohio Ferret Assoc.
  Minutes of meetings, recommended veterinarians, events, list of breeders, and links.
  Everything Ferret
  Information on ferret care, ferret proofing, health issues, chat and more!
  Extreme Weezils
  Extreme Weezils : The Revolution Will Be WEEZILZIED ... Eight ferrets, two cats, a very ferret-friendly large house with fenced-in yard and multimedia galore come together to create the most EXTREME ferret site on the web...
  Ferret Central
  Extensive index to ferret information and resources on the 'Net. FAQs, news, pictures, sounds, chats, products, breeders, organizations, and more.
  Ferret Universe
  Ferret Universe - ferret information, owning ferrets, ferret care, ferret health, distemper vaccines, adrenal disease, ADV, Aleutian Disease, insulinoma, ECE, the angora ferret, marshall farms, ferret universe message board and chat room, ferret photos, ect.
  Information on the history, breeders, clubs, and rescues, as well as many Ferret pictures and informational links.
  Frolicking Ferrets
  Frolicking Ferrets is your one-stop source of ferret-related links, information, products, fun and so much more!
  Fuzzy Central
  Helping to make Technology: Mans Best Friend
  Modern Ferret Magazine
  Modern Ferret magazine is a fun and informative resource created for ferret owners, by ferret owners. We'll help you take better care of and have more fun with your pet ferret.
  The Modern Ferret News
  The Modern Ferret News: A FREE pet ferret care information e-newsletter (ezine). Includes timely pet ferret care tips, announcements, new product releases, health tips, schedule dates, sales & specials at various web sites, and general updates about Mary & Eric Shefferman (creators of Modern Ferret Magazine) & their ferrets.® Copyright network 2003-present. All rights reserved.