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Sugar Gliders  

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  Ruth's Sugar Glider
  Basic information on sugar gliders as pets, including diet, legal issues, etc. Also a searchable breeder database and interactive link list.
  Sugar Glider Squirrel
  Resource of breeders, rescues, and associations, including a selection of Sugar Glider pictures and informational links.
  Sugar Glider University
  Online courses and in depth information on diet and care of sugar gliders, or Petaurus breviceps. Articles and updated news on sugar glider issues and sugar glider hot topics.
  Sugar Gliders as Pets
  Information on the care, bonding, feeding, and housing of sugar gliders. Also pictures and links to sugar glider supplies and breeders.
  Sugar Gliders of America
  Sugargliders! Learn how to care for these tiny marsupials. Meet Wendal & Waldo
  Sugar Glider's Sugarmania
  Welcome to, your one stop source for sugar glider information and fun.
  SugarGlider Info
  bonding, diets for new owners or want to be owners of sugar gliders,commonly asked questions answered® Copyright network 2003-present. All rights reserved.