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Arthropods Sugar Gliders

Raising Opossums
  Article gives techniques for raising orphaned opossums.
Solarwinds Exotic Shorthairs
  Exotic Shorthair and Persian Kittens for sale to approved homes out of national winning lines. Pet and show kittens for sale. No breeding cats for sale. Orlando,Florida
  Animal House
  information for owners of exotic animals or domestic ones (reptiles, rodents...) : behavior, captive care, feeding, diseases.
  EOTC Pet Forums
  Eyes of Texas Chinchillas is a portal powered by vbPortal.To visit the forum, go to .To find out about vbPortal, go to .
  Exotics pictures. Pictures of EXOTICS has great Exotic pictures! New exotic pictures added periodically! EXOTIC pictures of interesting exotics.
  Keeping Exotic Pets
  Free information and advice on keeping and breeding reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates.
  Rain UK
  Exotic pets Reptiles Invertebrates Amphibians
  R-Zu-2-U Exotic Pets
  80+ FAQs pages and over 100 photos of our animals dedicated to the care and husbandry of captive exotic animals.
  Sybils Den: Exotic Pets
  Meet Sybil The Domestic American black bear. Information on how black bears can co-exist with coonhound dogs,llamas and other animals.® Copyright network 2003-present. All rights reserved.