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Crisis Support

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Crisis Response Team
  Create-a-Smile of Los Angeles is starting a training program for crisis intervention response teams. Stringent requirements for participants. Pictures of some classes.
  Seeking Creature Comfort in Crisis
  Specially trained teams of therapy animals and their handlers helped ease the pain for rescue workers, fire fighters, police, and victims’ families after the September 11 attacks.
  Therapy Dogs Lift Spirits at Ground Zero
  It’s lunchtime at a Red Cross Respite Center near ground zero at 101 Murray Street, and dozens of New York City firefighters and police officers line up to receive a hot, heaping plate of beef stew, chicken and rice or salmon with mashed potatoes and green beans. They stand quietly, their expressions weary, until they see Tikva and Kate scampering over.
  Vachss - Dogs of the Zero
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