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Animal Assisted Therapy

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Crisis Support Literacy  

Therapy Dogs of St. John's Newfoundland
  Animal-assisted therapy is accepted as a therapeutic intervention which promotes positive and beneficial health effects. Description of their program and pictures of their animals.
Utah Animal-Assisted Therapy Association
  UAATA is a non-profit organization based in Salt Lake City dedicated to bringing comfort, love and hope to those in need through the miracle of the human-animal bond.
Crisis Response Team
  Create-a-Smile of Los Angeles is starting a training program for crisis intervention response teams. Stringent requirements for participants. Pictures of some classes.
National Capital Therapy Dogs, Inc.
  The Caring Canines: offers Animal-Assisted Activities (AAA) and Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) services, primarily to health care facilities in Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and surrounding areas. How to volunteer. How to have them visit a facility.
  Natural medicine for all animals. Organic pet supplements and products. Online consultations by a qualified Naturopath. Homeopathy, Flower Essences, Nutrition and Herbal Medicine
Therapy Dogs Inc.
  First St. John's Chapter, Therapy Dogs Inc.
Animal communication provides effective pet therapy.
  Discover how animal communication and pet therapy can change your life. Animal communication for pets lets you know what your pets think and feel. Exciting!
  Alternative Solutions in Long Term Care
  Pet therapy links, pet therapy products, and pet therapy resource for use in nursing homes and long term care facilities by activity coordinators and recreation therapists.
  585 Area Cat Handicap Training
  Animal Assistive Therapy: I train kittens to interact with people overcoming a traumatic event such as a Mental Illness or Injury. Feline cats and kittens bond with the disabled offering hope through this special therapy.
  Charleston Counseling Support Services
  Focusing on expressive therapy and counseling. Specializing in Animal Assisted Therapy or Pet Therapy. We also provide workshops for continuing education and test and certify therapy dogs.
  Chenny Troupe
  Chicago-based animal-assisted therapy program whose volunteers and their certified therapy dogs offer rehabilitative therapy to people with physical and emotional challenges.
  DreamWorkers, Inc.
  in metro Atlanta, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping improve the human animal bond.
  The Healing Power of Animals
  To school children and hospital patients, even to families of Ground Zero victims, animals prove their worth as therapists.
  Intermountain Therapy Animals
  A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization specializing in animal-assisted therapy in the areas of physical, occupational, speech and psychotherapies.
  K-9 Therapy by Vegas Westies
  Vegas Westies is a social group for Westie owners of Las Vegas to get together for Westie functions and to enjoy all aspects of being Westie owners.
  Lincoln Pet Partners
  Information about Animal Assisted Activies/Therapy in Lincoln, NE.
  Nationwide Therapy Dog Listings and More
  Find lots of therapy dog associations and assistance on the web. Check it out here, at LIVE, LOVE & LAUGH with Golden Retrievers.
  Oklahoma Dog Programs
  dog training, animal education, and national therapy dog affiliation to facilitate the development of animal-enhanced programs in therapuetic and educational environments
  Pacific Animal Therapy Society
  Animals from the Pacific Animal Therapy Society used for providing pleasure and promoting wellness in the elderly, infirm, or socially handicapped
  People and Animal Learning Service
  PALS, People and Animal Learning Services, Inc, Bloomington, Monroe County, Indiana
  Personal Ponies Ltd.
  A unique non-profit organization dedicated to providing disabled children with a tiny Shetland Pony to love and care for, completely without charge.
  Pet Express - Pet Therapy Club
  is a complete instruction manual on how to set up an intergenerational and
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